The Art of the Fake

Here is a fantastic article on how to add deception to your game. At the core of being deceptive is trying to make your opponent think you are doing one thing but then do another (typically in a different direction).

The Art of the Fake by Rick Traugott

To summarize, here are four simple steps to improving your deception skills:

 1) Work at keeping your head up when you have possession of the puck and when you shoot.

2) Learn to “look off” opponents. An eye fake can be just as effective as a fake pass or shot.

3) Work on tight turns and changing direction. This can begin with no puck and progress to puck handling.

4) Practice faking shots. Sell a shot then do something different. Fake a pass! This can be with a shoulder feint, stick movement, or head fake.

Check out these video examples which are also in the article: