Shot Selection

“Shot Selection” is a term you usually hear more about in basketball, but it is just as important in hockey. Working to get into better positions before shooting will dramatically increase the number of goals scored.

Follow these guidelines:

1) Get closer to the net before you shoot. Statistically, over half of all goals are scored from inside the hash marks and very few are scored from beyond the top of the circles. Do not shoot if there is nowhere to shoot to score. Protect the puck. Get the puck deep. Delay to get some help. Find a seam in the defence. Work for a prime scoring opportunity.

2) The ideal spot to aim is just above the pads and inside the post. Here if you miss your target high, low or inside, you’ll still have a shot on net.

3) Shoot low! Unless you are in tight and going top shelf, do not shoot at the top half of the net. You have a better chance to score and a much higher percentage of creating a secondary scoring chance. If you aim for the top corners and you miss your target anywhere high or outside, you’ll miss the net.

4) Unless you want a whistle, NEVER shoot at the goalie’s belly button! The goalie will always make the save and there will never be a rebound.

5) When in doubt, throw the puck into the goalie’s feet. Just fire it along the ice on net. You can even do this from behind the net. Good things will happen.