How To Choose Team Systems

My systems have to: 1) Put offence first! It is our responsibility as coaches to foster as much offensive ability in our players and help them to find ways to score more goals. Offence is fun! 2) Be simple! Systems should be easy to teach, easy to remember and use unambiguous and nested language to 3) Encourage full … Read more

What Makes Sport Fun and Not Fun

Very interesting research by Dr. Amanda Visek. Click on the link below to see the 81 things that make sports fun and the 91 impediments to having fun in sports: Fun-Not Fun Maps Data based on Visek, A.J., (2015). The fun integration theory: Towards sustaining children and adolescents sport participation. The full study can … Read more

Killer Attack Triangle in Action

Using the Triangle to Open Up Space on the Attack A few years ago, I did a quick video dissection of Joe Pavelski’s over time goal against the LA Kings. This video shows perfect execution of one of the Attack Triangle options we outline in the Coaches’ Training Course and in the Playbook. Here’s a … Read more

5-Card D-Zone Coverage in Action

[youtube] A good example of our 5-Card D-Zone coverage. They call it a “sagging zone coverage” in the video. We modify it a bit from the video, by not rotating from our positions nearly as much. Centre should always be between the puck and our net. When in doubt return to your 5-Card position … Read more

Post-up Regroup in Action

Post-Up Regroup Drill – “Wild Stallions”

Modify so that the D-to-F pass doesn’t go cross ice, but rather goes to the same side as in the Post-Up Regroup video above.


On whistle, blue forward and green forward leave zone, green forward “shadowing” blue forward who has puck. Red and orange D start into other zone and pivot backwards to face play. On clearing zone, blue forward passes regrouping pass to red D, who pivots towards orange D and goes D-to-D with pass.

Blue forward goes around center faceoff circle and out wide towards blue line, then stays onside by “riding the line”.

Green forward is two strides behind blue forward, and takes long stretch outlet pass from orange D, and quickly getting across line to let blue forward enter zone on-side.

Green forward fires cross-zone pass to blue forward who shoots on net, green and blue forwards crash for rebound. Orange and red D rejoin line.

After shot, coach’s whistle starts next 4 players.

Notes: Great warmup drill, but coaches should remind players to attack zone with realistic game speed and no “cute” passes back and forth in slot, instead get it on net and crash for rebounds.