AAGHA High Performance Off-Season Training Program

The Ancaster Avalanche Girls Hockey Association is excited to announce our new High Performance Off-Season Training Program.

This program is open, and free, to all girls who are currently playing hockey in Ancaster or are planning to join us next season. Now is a great time to start to get prepared for tryouts.

For skaters, this is an 8-week program which combines the elements of the popular 5,000 Puck Challenge (shooting), the 10,000 Touches Challenge (stickhandling) and the 30/30 Circuit Challenge (bodyweight workout). You will access the program through the TeamBuildr app or website which provides every player with a fun, daily workout program that they can do on their own or with a friend or family member. The app also contains a video demonstration teaching each of the moves and skills.

For goalies, this is an 8-week program that combines physical preparation, stretching, the 30/30 bodyweight workout as well as juggling and ball work. The app contains video demonstrations and teaching for all the moves and skills.

To get started:

1. Download the TeamBuildr app for iOS or Android. It can be run on any phone or tablet. (You can also use TeamBuildr on any computer: https://app.teambuildr.com/signup.php)

2. IMPORTANT: Do this step on the day that you want to start your first workout. The first workout will appear on your calendar in the app. Subsequent workouts will appear each day.
Start the app and use the following Easy-Join code to get started.
Password: AN78IR3R

Join Code for GOALIES: 2QAL-6J9L
Password: D7TE93SC

3. Click “Workout” and follow the daily workout in the app and mark your progress each day. Each exercise has instructions and video demos included.

Hockey will be back soon enough. Until then, here’s your chance to have fun and be prepared for tryouts.