Day 2 – Staying Positive and Hard Work

This is the second day of our team’s virtual training camp. Each day for the next 10 days, there will be a short assignment for you to do to get ready for our season. These assignments are mandatory for players and coaches. Parents are also encouraged to participate.

Today we are going to talk about two of our team’s core values…

A Positive Attitude

“A positive attitude will help you achieve great success!”

Found in a fortune cookie

A positive and encouraging attitude is expected by everyone on our team (including players, coaches, staff and parents) at all times.

This includes:

  • Being courteous, respectful and inclusive
  • Showing good sportsmanship
  • Being supportive and encouraging your teammates. We all will share our successes and failures.

You do not have to be good friends with everyone on your team; However, it is expected that you be a good teammate with everyone. A big part of this is staying positive.

It isn’t always easy to stay positive. Often we have negative thoughts that creep into our mind. Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and vice versa. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings.

Over the season, we will talk a lot more about mental preparation and how we can manage our thinking and feelings to help improve our performance. The principle is that your mind is like a television set. It is important to understand that you control the remote. If you don’t like what you are watching, you can change the channel. Consciously change the channel to positively. Learn to park your emotions. If you don’t like what you are thinking or feeling, you can consciously change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts will change your feelings. 

The idea is that to perform optimally, we want to stay on a positive (and winning) thought channel.


Everyone on the team will be expected to work hard and be challenge themselves both mentally and physically. It is vital to our team success that everyone bring a high energy level to our practices and games and work as hard as they can.

I’d like to see every player leave the ice after every game and practice both smiling and sweaty as well as feeling a sense of accomplishment.

An Unstoppable Combination

“When you combine a positive attitude with hard work you get an unstoppable combination. It’s also a lot of FUN!”

Coach Steve

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Try these thought experiments. After each, change the channel, take a breath and think positively.
    • Scrunch up your fists like you want to punch someone in the face. Hold them tight for four seconds. Feel the negative thoughts. Change the channel to positivity.
    • Raise your shoulders to your ears and hold. Feel the tension. Change the channel.
    • Imagine an opponent charging at you with their stick. Now step out of the way. Change the channel.
    • Imagine being hooked, slashed or held. Change the channel.
    • Imagine the ref making a bad call. Change the channel.
  2. Think of other situations that come up where you could change the channel. Discuss your answers with your parents.
  3. Send a THUMBS UP on the team WhatsApp group!