Day 12 – How The Pros Have Fun While Training

This is the 12th day of our team’s virtual summer training camp. Each day for the next four weeks, there will be a short assignment for you to do to prepare for the upcoming season. These assignments are mandatory for players and coaches. Parents are also encouraged to participate.

Here’s a great video that shows how a couple of pros can train hard and develop their skills while having fun.

The video which features my nephew, Ben Chiarot, and retired player Kevin Bieksa. If you’ve been watching hockey lately, you’ve probably seen both of them. Ben is now wearing #8 for the Montreal Canadiens. Kevin is now retired as a player and is an analyst on Hockey Night in Canada. This was recorded a few summers ago while Ben was with Winnipeg and Kevin was playing with Anaheim.

Ben Chiarot and Kevin Bieksa

Making Training Fun:

Here are some great ideas to inject some “fun” into your training.

  • My favourite… Train with a friend, sibling or parent. Just like Ben and Kevin.
  • Create challenges for yourself. Target shooting or reach a certain speed on a radar gun. Try a trick shot shooting competition. Try to beat your personal best.
  • Play some of your favourite music in the background.
  • Put on a favourite television show or video in the background.
  • Add obstacles.
  • Modify the rules of the game. For example, play one handed or add a rule that says you have to pass once before you can score.
  • Start drills in a different spot on the ice.
  • Train in different locations.
  • Do HIIT intervals while watching a game on television. Try to go full out matching the shift length of your favourite player.

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Complete today’s workout on the TeamBuildr app. Be sure to mark each exercise complete as you finish it.

IMPORTANT: If you have other sports, camps or are doing a different workout that you’d like to substitute on any given day that is okay. Please make a quick note of what you did that day under the ALTERNATE Workout in TeamBuildr. It is still important to complete the stickhandling and shooting every day that it is scheduled. But it is okay to move it to another day of the week when you aren’t quite as busy. Even when you’re on vacation, you should still be trying to find time to get in your workout.

  1. Think of one way that you can add “fun” to your training and practicing. (You can’t use Coach Steve’s answer: Train with a friend, just like in the video.) Post your answer to the team WhatsApp group. BONUS: If it is something specific, maybe you can find a video link showing it that you can post as well.