Are You Getting Better Or Just Getting By?

Every player needs to ask themselves this question at every practice and game.

Jeff Blashill, Head Coach of the Detroit Red Wings, talks about the process of daily improvement.

Greatness is a daily choice!

Whatever your path is… Making it to the NHL, playing varsity university hockey, making it to the next level, whatever it is, you need to earn it every day.

Greatness is a daily choice. Every single day, you wake up, and you take a either couple steps towards being great or you take a couple steps away from being great. Every single day.”

“Did I get up and outwork all the guys in this camp. You earn what you get in life. You wake up every morning and you take steps towards greatness or you don’t. Period.”

AAGHA High Performance Dryland Training Program

The Ancaster Avalanche Girls Hockey Association is excited to re-open our High Performance Dryland Training Program. Stay active and engaged in hockey even when you can’t be at the rink. This program is open, and free, to all girls who are currently playing hockey in Ancaster or are considering joining us next season. Get faster … Read more

Avs U15AA 2021-22 Dryland Training

This program is open, and free, to all girls who are interested in playing U15AA girls hockey in Ancaster. There is a different program for skaters and goalies. For skaters, this is an ongoing program which combines the elements of the popular 5,000 Puck Challenge (shooting), the 10,000 Touches Challenge (stickhandling) and the 30/30 Circuit … Read more

10 For The Team Workout

A simple workout that takes 10 minutes and doesn’t require any special equipment. You can repeat this workout daily. If possible, add 10 minutes of stick-handling and/or 10 minutes of shooting practice each day. There are three sets. Each takes 3 minutes with NO REST between any of the steps or sets. Warmup – 30 … Read more