The Importance of “Good Sticks”

The value of having a “good stick” sounds obvious, but many miss the fact that “good stick” doesn’t involve lunging at the opponent to knock the puck free. By simply presenting your blade in the area of the offensive player’s puck-handling (stick-to-puck) while maintaining your defensive positioning, it’s stunning how often you make them do … Read more

Steals and Takeaways – Pavel Datsyuk

Datsyuk’s two secrets to stealing the puck:

  1. Relentless pressure tracking into the opposing player’s blind spot.
  2. Quick “canoe” (flat blade face up) stick tap/lift just below the opponent’s lower hand and immediately go after the puck. The stick blade is kept flat so that it doesn’t get tied up with the opponent’s stick.

Plenty of examples of both in the above video.

Learning from our Olympic team

The key learning points from the video:

 1) Smart and effective dump in’s

2) First to the puck forechecking

3) Creating passing lanes

4) Going to the net with the stick on the ice

5) Good screens in front of the goalie

6) Tracking the puck on rebounds

Crosby Behind The Net Drill

Simple drill. Watch for two ways to come out from behind the net… (1) Stick first or (2) Butt first. Practice both on both sides of the net.

Don’t forget that with a goalie in the net, we want to BANG, BANG on our rebounds. Don’t just skate away.

Odd Man Rushes

Learn how to make the most of 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 rushes by understanding what to do with or without the puck.