Sample Recruiting Video

Some of you have been asking what a good highlight video looks like to send to University recruiters. Here’s a good example.

A few key points:

  1. It includes contact information.
  2. It includes some practice drills that show off your skill.
  3. It makes it easy for the viewer to tell which player you are.

The first step is to start collecting highlight clips of your play. Until you have some game clips start with some practice video.

Can you do the one knee stickhandling drill at the start of the video?

Read – React Passing Drill

An excellent passing progression drill. Passer should add a look off in the second phase of the drill.

This would work as a station for half the team.

Progression (start all at 80% and move up to full speed):

    1. Pass right, move left. Pass left, move right.
    2. Pass right or left, move left or right (opposite).
    3. Add opposite side forechecker who protects one side (right or left), pass to other side, move opposite.