Book a HPD Session For Your Team

The AAGHA High-Performance Development Program is for all AAGHA Rep teams. If you’d like to book a fast and professional development session for your team, please contact Coach Steve.

We’ll run all aspects of the practice in your regular ice time. Each session will be customized for the level of your team and duration of your ice time. You’ll receive a copy of the practice plan with key teaching points and some suggestions for extending each of the drills as your team progresses through the season.

You should invite all of your assistant coaches to participate on the ice. A big part of this program is coach and assistant coach mentoring. At a minimum, you’ll need at least one coach on the ice as well as a trainer or den mother to monitor the dressing room.

Depending on the session, we may be able to arrange for Midget girls from Ancaster to assist your team and demonstrate the drills. This makes the experience more fun for your team and provides these girls with volunteer hours that they need for high school.

The cost to your team for each session is $40/session to help offset the cost of running the High-Performance Program.

Available Sessions:

  1. Teaching Defensive Hockey: This is a high paced and fun session that will benefit teams at all levels.
  2. Teaching Scoring: Everybody wants to score and there are skills and tricks that can make every player and team better.
  3. Relentless Pressure: Make your team really hard to play against. Learn how to make every aspect of your team FASTER.