1-2-2 Forecheck

Here is a really good example of the 1-2-2 Forecheck in action.

This forecheck is designed to bait the other team into thinking they have options and then taking them away.

Key points:

F1: (First forward to the puck carrier)
– Flushes the puck carrier.
– Put just enough pressure on the opposing puck carrier that they have to move the puck.

F2 and F3: (The other two forwards)
– Set up just above the face-off dots on either side
– Take away outlet passes
– Eliminate opposing team’s breakout options
– Unless they are sure they can get the puck, F2 and F3 cannot chase it into the corners

As the play moves from side to side, F1, F2 and F3 can switch positions with each other. TALK!

– Seal off the boards in case the puck squirts up ice
– As the puck moves to one side of the ice, the weak side D must support the other D by dropping back into the middle of the ice.

As the puck moves to one side, players take away the options.
As the puck moves in the zone, the nearest player to the puck switches to become F1. The other forwards adjust to become F2 and F3. TALK!